The time has come!

Enjoy the hunt with the latest Brocock Safari XR. Brocock’s innovative XR is now available in textured wood finish that offers superior grip to match it’s fantastic fit and styling. Its ambidextrous design caters for perfect gun fit courtesy of an adjustable butt pad and cheekpiece, while also being upgraded to full Picatinny rail specification. Available in .22 and .25 caliber, the new XR Safari delivers up to 55 ft/lbs of energy thanks to its advanced regulator system, supplied exclusively by famed reg manufacturer, Huma-Air. With a 56cm Polygon barrel, the XR Safari delivers up to 46 ft/lbs of energy in a .22 configuration – and a whopping 55 ft/lbs in .25! Any ‘power curve’ has been eradicated: the Huma-Air regulator system ensures minimal shot-to-shot deviation, not only improving downrange accuracy, but returning a shot-count that will have even the longest of field forays covered.