Delta Wolf Update

Make no mistake, Daystate did not shy away from recent and continuing worldwide pandemic events and continued throughout by working safely to bring the most technologically advanced air rifle of all time too fruition. Sure, there have been delays and frustration to all especially when sourcing electronic components due to Covid-19 for their ground-breaking rifle, and while others offered the odd upgrade or update at most. Be assured Daystate never gave in to pandemic and instead continued to work tirelessly under very difficult circumstances Day & Night to ensure DELTA WOLF final development would be completed as soon as possible under very difficult circumstances. We all genuinely believe that Daystate went well beyond the call of duty while many industries sat and waited it out

While many customers waiting for ‘quite simply the most technically advanced PCP rifle in the world’ to hit the shops may well be feeling frustrated with “coming soon” comments, but we can genuinely confirm as such having had the opportunity to handle, play and shoot the Delta Wolf for the past few weeks. Make no mistake, a game changer, we’ll say that again, “GAME CHANGER”, but don’t take our word for it as soon you will know. Quite possibly the largest order book for a PCP rifle, historically ever!!